The big banging milestone has become a reality now!

Ideal Analytics has matured itself by another big leap! The version 5.0.0 is out and available now!

Ideal Analytics now allows the user to Design her own report through a wizard!

Till now the reports were generated automatically from the data from the explorer and then some dashboard features were added – very nice but only with a little configuration but not an entire design by the user. NOW, it is the user who Designs the Report through a Wizard in a Studio. One can create sections, and place items and configure images, charts, legends, comments, colours, slice and dice them, position and place them, comment and embellish them in the studio and then launch to generate the final report.

With the same data one can have so many reports that can and may be catered to different folks, shared with them and with accounts, manage the distribution and selectively use filters. Reports might now look different [and also the same with the designers’ discretion ] from the dashboard items. Multiple items can now be reported in the same report both horizontally and vertically, with varying sizes and shapes. The legends in the report now are free to be different from what is shown in the dashboard.

Enjoy the freedom, enjoy your empowerment! Reports are Designable now!

Additionally Postgre SQL connectivity is allowed in scripts and formulae creating!!

With the magic number of 5 versions, Ideal Analytics has now entered the matured stage for a free and self-driven analytics application!

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