Ideal Analytics is the Ideal product every Organization should have for the purpose of analysis and diagnosis of data at all levels. It is very user friendly, has excellent graphical capabilities and requires minimum training. The product is extensively used for various purposes by the Costing, Marketing, Materials and other departments.
Girish Koppar, Manager IT, Lilavati Hospital And Research Center
Ideal Analytics improves the user efficiency of the Force.com applications by allowing them to visualize and compare cross data with external sources. The decision of Ideal Analytics to integrate its solution to Force.com confirms the growing interest of the software vendors in Europe to connect with our platform.
RON HUDDLESTON, SVP Alliances, Salesforce.com
I was very impressed by the speed with which millions of data could be processed by Ideal-Analytics. Dashboards relevant and can be generated completely customized in minutes to track the activity of a company. In addition this solution can analyze data Salesforce.com or any other data types.
Pierre-Olivier Chotard, Marketing Director Southern EMEA, Salesforce.com
With the Ideal-Analytics solution, I could blink of an eye, a view of the effectiveness of our telemarketing campaigns. The results of all our teams téléacteurs were recorded, we had a graphical view allows us view, over a defined period, the effectiveness of our campaigns. This solution allowed us to correct and improve some actions to optimize our results.
Stéphane Antona, Regional Marketing Director – Southern EMEA, VMware
Business Intelligence solutions for Ideal-Analytics, we can graphically view extensive data from different sources. This solution is very simple to use and give us an overview that allows us to build effective dashboards for monitoring our Media.
Jasmine Nullans, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager, BlackBerry France
Have been able to analyze both volume and revenue related data up to 80% with Ideal-analytics, the remaining 20% remains elusive due to irregular data capture. Cost analysis of health packages, insights into operational data and trend analysis is now possible.
Sankha Sen, Manager IT, Fortis Hospital Kolkata
Ideal Analytics offers powerful Business Analytics capabilities that can be hosted on premise or on the Cloud for healthcare environments. The real time data acquisition and drill down alongwith slicing dicing for viewing granular data is quite effective. Instantaneous dashboard views without actually downloading the voluminous data ,setting of target benchmarks, possibility of real time double comparison of performances in both x and y axis, besides specific query design on the fly are some of the capabilities that are of immense use for decision making in healthcare enterprises. Further, trend, correlation and slab analysis besides colour coding customization for slabs in dashboards are amazing. Overall, the externalization capability for customization in personal format alongwith analytics capabilities are excellent value for money investment in Open source software technology environment.
Prof. Indrajit Bhattacharya Professor, Healthcare IT, International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), Delhi