Training Programs

Ideal Analytics has a separate and parallel programme for Training. We provide trainings to our partners’ staff, consultants, customers’ staff regularly as on-demand and on-need basis in various levels ending in successful certification at various stages and levels. Online tests are made available to partners via partner portal.

Ideal Analytics Training

  • User level – How to connect to basic sources of data such as excel and database? How to achieve basic analysis output and create dashboards with it?
  • Advanced Level – Introduction to all kinds of connectors. How to create reports – both static and dynamic?
  • Customization Level or Expert Level – For Partners Only

And also..

  • Besides and additional to the specifics of specialized time-bound training programs we conduct on-line training through our website and blog and through regular FAQ sessions – at the end of which we would also issue successful leveled certifications after evaluation of the students through practical orientation.
  • On-line evaluation tests based on algorithm of the present state-of-dynamics will be called upon periodically from all those interested.
  • Training programs based on different languages will be provided on-demand from the partners/customers.
  • Training materials, case studies, proofs-of-concept, media brochures, references and other collateral are provided during the training sessions as ready-reckoner.

The company also is promise-bound and does run on-going programmes to train students on-request from the website.
Interested individuals or groups of individuals or corporate groups can request for training by contacting us here –

Need Training on Ideal Analytics?