Ideal Analytics Cloud (SaaS)

If you are small or medium sized company looking for a self-service BI tool for getting more visibility into your data, but can’t afford (or don’t want to get into the headache of) hardware procurement, software installation / up-gradation / maintenance or creating and managing replication for DR, etc., Ideal Analytics SaaS is the best possible option you can avail to address all your needs.

Ideal Analytics is hosted on a public cloud, and you can subscribe to different SaaS Packages available depending on your requirement, then upload your data into the cloud and start analyzing. Before paying for any subscription, there is a provision for free trial which you might choose to explore the product before investing in it. You don’t have to think about hardware, software upgrades will be installed automatically and there is a 24×7 support service available to answer all your queries.

Ideal Analytics On-Premise / Private-Cloud / Dedicated Model

If you are big organisation with huge volume of data and lots of users, if you have some company policy which restricts you to upload some of your confidential data into a public cloud, or you are a service provider having your own clientele and you want to provide analytics service to your customers or a combination of above, this is the usage model that you should adopt.

Ideal Analytics team will install the application in your data centre, will provide training and hand-holding to your technical team members and they will do all configuration. Up-gradation and support will be provided as per the contract.

Ideal Analytics Embedded / OEM Model

If you have a product which is lacking on Analytics and Business Intelligence, the OEM model will solve your problem in the best possible way. Idea-lAnalytics is provided with a set of powerful yet simple set of APIs, and using these it can be seamlessly embedded into other application. The embedded model brings forward the following benefits for you:

  • Your product becomes more valuable and sellable with the missing BI component in place.
  • Developing such a component ground-up, needs much time. Compared to that, the OEM model can fill the gap in much quicker time, so that you don’t lose your market.
  • You don’t have to think of the upgrades and support for this component, because those will be provided by us.
  • Because of its flexible data connection & application integration layer as well as the set of APIs, Ideal-Analytics is the probably your best choice as OEM partner.
  • We already have a number of OEM partners, with whom we are currently working for embedding Ideal-Analytics into their application.