Noch einmal! The consistency of new release per month breaks all records

Ideal Analytics publishes its new release # 4.2.5. The consistency of a new release every month has struck the attention of the industry as a remarkable record of update as promised and published. This time it has added on the following features:

  • Vertical & Horizontal [ row & column ] summary of tables of facts classified by dimensions or groups.
  • Different scales for multiple facts. If two facts have very different ranges, depicting them in charts show a problem in coordination- due to the difference one may not be seen. Ideal Analytics now provides two scales for two facts on two sides of the vertical side.
  • Scales can now be customized for display
  • A new chart called “Nested Pie” chart is provided to show multiple facts.

These are published & implemented thanks to the feedback from our customers and partners as they felt these as exigent from their research of market demand.

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