New release of Ideal Analytics [4.2.4] reassures the clients of continuous updating

Again, plus encore, noch einmal! Ideal Analytics has brought again its new version #4.2.4. This time the updates are more on the feature side:

  • The most important is that when two dimensions are arranged in the two axes the summary value of them are calculated and shown at the two ends. This is the best feature in the Analytic world which we could only get in specialized reports. Ideal Analytics now provides this in exploration and in dashboards. The feature remains intact even after exporting. Ideal Analytics has recognized the general requirements of the market for the summary value of measures with respect to the dimensions as default.
  • Every dashboard item can now have a short narrative for the story book requirement. Dashboards can be exported, thus the description helps when such an item is exported.
  • Exporting of tables and charts can be exported in comma-separated-value format, in excel format and in pdf format. Ideal Analytics now helps in specifying further options in depicting the dashboards and charts.
  • Some newer chart options are added for hybrid charts thus increasing the realm of depiction.

Besides these regular fine-tuning in existing options that are demanded by the clientele are provided.
Ideal Analytics will add on newer features in the forthcoming new releases and the frequency of these releases would be even faster than ever.

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