Investing individual through sentiments and associations

“One is known by the association one keeps” – that went the adage. Ideal Analytics has mathematically and data wise proven this fact. How do we know a person’s sentiments? Well, through what his friends, philosophers, guides, associates likes, what groups the person subscribes to in Linkedin, facebook, and other social media, who and what does one tweets, what kind of subject makes the person react? Who responds? What kind of debates he engages in? Can we create a category for every person? Can we bracket one person with others depending on some characteristic? The answer is a resounding YES. Ideal analytics has successfully created target groups, catered them to interested marketing campaigners. We did it because of our flexibility, our self-design, our fast sifting amongst alternatives and still using Big Data..

Ideal Analytics empowered by their application tool does provide solutions and assistances in market research in smarter and more deep researches.
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