India’s Most Admired Consumer Durable Company finds a way to cater to the analytics needs of its channel partners

Consider this scenario – the company’s total employee strength exceeds 10,000 including an 8000 strong direct sales force. It has operations across 550 plus cities/towns in India while it’s consumer channel has over 15,000 dealers spread across 1800 + cities and towns in India.

With this kind of presence, an ambition to enable its field sales and channel force with the power of analytics might seem like a distant dream. If not for anything else, the mere cost of implementing analytics on such a large extent is enough to give any CFO sleepless nights. Add to it the complexities from the implementation point of view and from the user maturity (read affinity towards technology) point of view and you have a near impossible task at hand.

Let’s take a closer look– the kind of people who will be using the analytics, the dealers and field sales personnel; they don’t need advanced analytics features. In fact, what will be of maximum importance and interest to them will be the ability to monitor their daily/weekly performance, maybe a simple pipeline analysis along with some stock analysis. So providing them with a full-fledged analytics tool may actually complicate their lives more. Now from the cost and implementation effort point of view these can be reduced considerably if we use a shared infrastructure for the entire implementation.

Ideal-Analytics is a self-service analytics tool that is available on the public/private cloud. Users can bring in data from multiple sources, can arrange them into folders and subfolders with specific access privileges for each user group and create interactive dashboards that will automatically update themselves to give the end user a seamless KPI monitoring environment.

Advantages that Ideal-Analytics provides to the customer –

  • Central administrator account where all the data, dashboards and users can be managed
  • Interactive dashboards for the end users
  • Real-time insight into data with automatic update of dashboards based on backend data changes
  • Easily scalable public/private cloud environment
  • Ready connectors for various data sources making implementation a breeze
  • Easy to use UI making analysis and dashboard creation a child’s play
  • Priced to fit the affordability quotient even in case of several thousand users

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