Ideal Analytics scales Big Data initiative again

Hadoop has made its mark in Big Data initiatives. Customers felt Ideal Analytics should have Hadoop connectivity ready. Ideal Analytics has achieved that, we now have ready connectors for Hadoop whether data resides in HDFS or in Parquet file format. The data scientists of Ideal Analytics are now presenting data culled from Hadoop data studio and dashboarding them , reporting the results through user defined and designed reports through design studios. Forecasting of time series data using Regression analysis is also included now in Ideal Analytics.

  • Ideal-Analytics is now connected to Hadoop. You can analyse your data residing in Hadoop either in HDFS format or in Parquet format.
  • Ideal-Analytics is now integrated with R. The functionalities of R can be accessed from inside IA and can be applied to the data to define various KPIs.
  • Now, forecasting of time-series data using Regression Analysis can be done automatically in IA.

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