Making the right choice

“Vendors aren’t going to be able to code a deep understanding of your business – they can’t automate that – but they (BI tools) are all much better than they were even two years ago. You can do far more with the tools now”, says Rick Sherman, founder of Athena IT Solutions. And guess what,… READ MORE

Hidden elements in Total Cost of Ownership

The software solutions space has introduced a concept of cost called Total Cost of Ownership [TCO]. It was first introduced by IBM and now is being used throughout the industry. The cost of any service related product or service oriented product has to have this concept. The price or cost at the time of buy… READ MORE

Evolution of data analytics

Analytics or Analytic studies have undergone a usual evolution that all such knowledge artefacts do Business needed analysis, analysing the data that they acquire or capture in their operation, along their business growth or proess and at special moments in their business needed thorough examinations- these examinations when needed more detailed treatment pushed the onus… READ MORE