Tighten your belts, strategize rightly and please peruse your choice as a future leader

A recent survey in India by CapGemini & EMC has very interesting news for Big Data Analytics. More than 55% executives figures that their next investment chain for the future years would be around handling Big Data and Data Analytics. Every one executive is gearing for such a revolution. Read More

There however is a cautionary line: a huge number of executives [just a little below the 50% mark] has opined that the turnover time for a successful completion in analytics transformation is taking a rather longer time. That is a matter of concern indeed.

The solution is right in your hands: an ideal solution like Ideal Analytics. One should go for a tool that does not require implementation time, no special skill for implementation and no special dependence on the IT department of IT consultants – a tool that installs, implements on its own and intuitive, self-regulatory and self-explanatory. Experience the personalization of analysing, analytics with your own Big Data, experience bringing in data from apparently un-related application in one place toward a unified analysis. Log on to www.ideal-analytics.com and register for a free full featured trial account and deal with your Big Data, share your analysis with others who may or may not be logged in even in your application.

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