Partner Support


All partners have access to a transparent lead management module that lets them register, assign and lock their leads. Partners can both manage and track their leads using this module. Leads need to be registered, assigned and locked. A default locking period of 90 days is available to all partners. Progress on each lead can be tracked by updating the status in the portal.


All collateral – technical, functional and marketing related will be made available to the partners via the knowledge management module of the partner portal. Brochures, presentations, case studies, campaign templates, implementation and user guides, microsite, whitepapers, press kit, etc. will be available to the partners for ready download and use.


Ideal Analytics takes up the responsibility of training its partners thoroughly in the product. Along with tutorials and videos, one to one training is imparted to all partners and their staff. Apart from the regular technical and functional expert level training, partners are also eligible for on-line, on-demand training in pre-sales, implementation & troubleshooting. Further, the learning is continuous. After each major version update additional training are conducted.


Partners receive a ‘Demo in a Box’ kit which enables them to conduct offline product demonstrations and Proof of Concepts (PoC). Along with the kit partners are also provided with demo data from various industries on request for preparing industry specific PoCs. In some cases ready demo templates can also be shared. To top it all, a trial account on Ideal Analytics Cloud is made available to partners for demo purposes, absolutely free of cost.


We help our partners in getting ready for the market with Ideal Analytics. Right from sharing valuable insights into the current market scenarios to hand-holding during the first customer implementation, we endeavor to make it a smooth sail for all our partners. Over and above everything, Ideal Analytics generates and assigns qualified leads to each partner based of few eligibility criteria such as level of expertise in implementing Ideal Analytics, geographies of work, etc.


With a world-wide partner network, Ideal Analytics gives its partners a common platform where they can interact with each other, learn and co-ordinate. A forum is made available to them where they can stay updated with announcements, get answers from the community, and share their feature suggestions with us.