Partner Programs

Product-Solution is Value Addition business. We add value to the customer’s business through our product. We add value to our partners as well, through support- business, technical and suggestions. Our partners add their value to the customers in turn. The partnership relation adds synergy as they combine the skill, support, nurturing and monitoring of customers’ problems whenever reported or even many a times preemptively through predictive alerts.

Ideal Analytics Partner Program provides our partners access to resources that can help them drive both license and services business, create new opportunities, increase profitability and close first deals quickly.

Program Benefits

We train, help and support our partners in all activities ranging from lead generation to pre-sales, from sales to services –

  • Help partners in chalking out targets by providing them the right characteristics of the customer on-demand from the partners
  • Arsenal of sales and technical collateral, brochures, ready references, customer appreciations, remote call support, microsite, three point briefing session [Company-Partner-Customer], webinars, update training to the partners’ staff members
  • Complete training to the engineers of the partner to self-equip them in hitting the market
  • Technical support to the staff members of the Partners in solving critical customers’ problems
  • Cross reference to other partners and associates for information and troubleshooting
  • Regular business information like competitors’ edge, their positioning
  • Campaigning for the partner through our website, brochures and literature

Partner Types

Referral Partners

Partners who would give qualified leads to Ideal Analytics for our sales team to follow and convert to successful business. The partner might opt to share some follow-up activities that might help in closing the leads.

Distribution Partners

Partners might opt for exclusive rights over a territory for sales and distribution with their responsibility in selling and first or second level of servicing, channeling and grouping various service requests from that territory with assured revenue generation.

Reseller Partners

Partners who would add our products to their existing product or service offerings and provide implementation services around Ideal Analytics.

OEM Partners

Partners who would integrate their product or solution with Ideal Analytics take upon the responsibility of after sales technical support to the client. Common interface via Single Sign On may or may not be a part of the integration.

Technology Alliance Partners

Partners who need to develop and deliver joint solutions to our shared customers. This alliance is primarily for technology innovation companies looking to establish a deep and long term technology relationship with Ideal Analytics.

Academic Alliance Partners

This is a program designed to build a strong community among education leaders and industry experts from around the world. It is designed to give education institutions access to Ideal Analytics and provide training and support around it. Ideal Analytics is committed to support student community.