• Multi-Tenancy: The multi-tenant back-bone of the system architecture gives users options to choose their deployment scenario, wisely. Either you can subscribe to a hosted service or you can have the product installed in your private data centre.
  • Web-based: Completely web-based user interface containing multiple facts and dimensions present on the screen enables its users to do anything from anywhere, in real-time.

Access Control

  • Privatization: Organisation or account specific abstraction of data keeps it visible to your users only. Ideal Analytics gurantees encapsulation of data with its state-of-the-art proprietory data authorisation framework.
  • Roles: Role-based definition of tasks controls participation of users within an organization or account.
  • Groups and Users: Logical separation of your users helps you to hide your data across departments or designations or different positions in your organisation.

Import Data

  • Ability to load data from multifarious data-sources like DBMS, XLS(X),CVS etc.
  • Dataset configuration capability with extensibility in terms deriving dimensions and facts with the help of expression/scripting languages, along with editor support
  • Hierarchical dataset repository to facilitate data organization as well as hierarchical access control to restrict users’ domain of visibility
  • Incremental loading of datasets from variety of data-sources

Data Analysis

  • Single window for multi-dimensional, multi-fact analysis
  • RIA based user-friendly GUI, for filtering, drill-down, and view tables and charts immediately
  • The base view offers an array of dynamic visualisations in forms of various charts and contingency tables
  • View specific configurations to switch between aggregation operations on-the-fly
  • Export facility to export the reports in various formats
  • Dynamic Gauge charts with configurable values and colors of different slabs
  • Calculated column creation capability on either pre or post aggregated data, supported by powerful expression engine, java-script engine and built-in editor
  • Ability to define custom behavior (like semantics of sorting) for special categorical data
  • Capability to handle huge volumes of data in the web interface by means of intelligent caching
  • Ability to create organisation-wide dashboard and user specific dashboards, with complete control over layout design
  • One-click externalisation of dashboard items (for embedding in proprietary applications/web-sites/live documents)
  • Forecasting and Trend Analysis over time-series data

Export Data

  • With Ideal Analytics, you can easily export your data in Excel format, or as a shared dashboard or report well in pdf format.
  • You can control and adequate dissemination of key data within your company.


  • Ideal Analytics allows you to create tables to track your activity from different data sources (including Salesforce CRM software, Excel files).
  • You can create, organize and share within seconds these powerful dashboards to drive to better your business. Sharing can take place within the solution with a visibility control by user groups.
  • You can also easily make available dashboards within web pages within or outside your company.


  • Mobile Access from Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Java phones and windows mobile based devices to bridge the last mile between users and system
  • SAAS Framework with proper administration and accountability
  • Column based Databases for performance improvement
  • RIA based UI for better user experience
  • Robust Security Framework to ensure confidentiality of sensitive data while they move through the internet or stored in the database or files
  • Cluster Enabled for scalability
  • Domain based Intelligence for filtration, drill-down and visualization
  • Complete infrastructure for receiving data from external data sources over a variety of application protocols as well as availability of API for generating client applications to transfer data to Ideal Analytics