Ideal solution for analytics on-demand in Health care facilities

Health care service-as-industry is a vast arena; each of those activities produces huge data sets. From manufacturing to service, tests, recuperations and surgery Health Care industry churns out data in varied specifications.

Payment amount, their modes and method also relates to a plethora of financial types and they generate huge data too. Analysis of these data reveals the inner meanings of the business, its focus, popularity, critical points, and trends and brings out decision-exigencies. Any business analysis tool needs to handle such fast generating humongous data at the point-of-occurrence and yet such an act need to bring out the knowledge however tough they be through very advanced mathematical and data crunching activities.

Usual models of Business Intelligence are unduly dependent on specific models and cannot pace up with the changing transaction data. The intermediary stage of models introduces unnecessary delays and lags on the data currency and data rendition in dashboards.

IDEAL-ANALYTICS is a product that had the future in mind while conceiving and it is now in the market as a much paced ahead product in the market where a normal business analysis without the dependency on IT professional help can play around and realize his own equations and formulae through proper and very-friendly rendition. The mathematical intricacies are hidden from the user through a layer or façade which any business user with little knowledge of programming can use independently.



Retail industry is a most modern industry sector where products are bought from various sources, organized, packaged and sold to individual customers from within one or a networked premise.

The most modern techniques of business management and operations technology are used here to optimize the overall profit on investment and along with the profit on each product over a fixed period in time. The manifold profitability exigency is the key consideration in retail business. Supply chain, best inventory practice, networking in sales and distribution, vendor and purchase management, sales management with Market-Basket-analysis[MBA] and other periodic trend analysis, lean-season-boom-season analysis, group analysis of products and various other kinds of analysis requires on-the-spot and ad-hoc processing of data through mathematical and data relation techniques.

Business Intelligence has to be refocused to handle changing data at a zero-lag and point-of-occurrence and yet has to be user-directed and user-conceived quite free of any dependency.

IDEAL-ANALYTICS is a future-looking product that has provided smart solutions to the present BI solution-space and additionally proffers appropriate mathematical and operations solutions that are going to hit the market in the near-to-long future.

Our benchmarks suggest that IDEAL-ANALYTICS is leagues ahead of the other BI market leading solutions in terms of time, efficacy and usage.



Education is now the most coveted commodity in present day world. Educational institutions sell their package of education to students and that creates the most link-affected industries starting from education artefacts, publishing, media, rating industries, human resource [presently this has become a fully fledged industry] and skilled professionals for industries. The human intake of industries fully depends on the quality, cost, duration and curricula of the educational institutions.

Such an industry cannot go un-measured and has therefore its own measurements and metrics to rate the services of each of these institutions and then collaboratively the general skill index of the society, the human value of a country, the Human Capital Formation.

In a competitive world Monetary Capital formation is a direct product of Human Capital Value and its formation.

Here data was being generated and were lost due to the in-efficiency of the relevant authorities. Data now are much more meaningfully captured with every passing day and still is far behind any complacency mark that can make this industry a mature one.

Operational data generates from every student in every measurement and in every faculty of studies in every smallest period of assessment. A simple numerical value-mark obtained by a student has umpteen numbers of dimensions and the total list is still growing up.

Business Intelligence till now, did not know how to deal with unknown numbers of dimensions but with a known fact. This is a challenge that is now being approached by DATA-ANALYTIC tools that are open, ad-hoc, malleable and multi-dataset-related.

Database handling techniques needed to be overhauled and that has been achieved with smart tools like IDEAL-ANALYTICS. Affordability of a premier and prime tool such as this has attracted the user community or serious educational institutions which want to bring in fullest transparency to the students and their guardians.

Educational institutions need this tool as an essentiality and they are rightfully elated to have received this.



Any monetary or financial transaction these days are now covered by Banking. Banking has moved way ahead from individual retail banking to covering all kinds of national, international and future transactions.

All these transactions had had account-orientation with the key being the account number; presently they are customer oriented and even function-oriented, where base keys can be more than the usual.

Banking transactions these days are very complex and are ever changing due to the exchange rates and the market speculation values. The fleeting updates of the same set of data in terms of value has attracted the attention of business-analysts for a smart, ad-hoc, real-time and immediate self-serving tool that can handle very complex data and number crunching without giving any pain to the business analysts. The users want the best of technology to serve their business queries and interests, and would not have the time or effort or luxury to depend on an IT professional.

These modern industries have to deal with datasets of various formats from various sources and apparently unrelated where the relations can be imposed on them and then fathom the overall knowledge. Cross dataset analysis with fleeting data and reusable formulae and artefacts is what the future of BI is waiting for.

IDEAL-ANALYTICS has put in all these considerations explicit and implicit and the future market considerations while designing and development. The result is the fastest rendering of humongous data into an easy-to-handle dashboard. BI now is redefined shorn off the usual bedecked fat of modelling and can fathom the inner meaning and even more directly from the transaction data.



Manufacturing being the most matured sector in our industrial development has gone through all stages of evolution in data generation, handling, processing and knowledge gathering.

Manufacturing because of its maturity has been the most organized even in data processing. Data now needs to be mined in the most sagacious way to get the market trend both from the demand and from the supply side of products. Almost every sub-sector of manufacturing has so many available solutions of optimization and yet the quest of more productivity has excited the analysts and the CXOs to devise even smarter approaches to their resources.

Manufacturing data means Enterprise data that starts from raw materials market management to finished goods market along with resource productivity, their contribution, cost and value to the company, the correct forecasting of the amount, quality and value and the trend of the sales and the forecast of productivity in changing industrial environment.

Data Analytics has actually changed the definition of Business Intelligence through its triumph of handling the transaction data base and analysing them through the best of the mathematical techniques. IDEAL-ANALYTICS has put in these ideals in the design considerations and now is going through an exponential increase of attraction from the business analysts.



Governance is serving the people with numbers and information. A government is concerned in every sector of social activity and has the responsibility to serve the people in every social and even individual life-activity. Data is how people measure and rate their governments, demand from them and appreciate them.

Data handling and figuring meaning out of them has to deal with transaction data as soon as they are produced, and it cannot wait for the data-engineer to first structure it and then capture them in his/her conceived format. Data comes from various sources, agents, systems, formats, time and in various redundancies.

Data handling has to work very fast, slick and easy operations and hide the complexities of solving from the business analysts. Business analysts or the government officials are interested in gathering the background information, knowledge and wisdom to take up the new decision, and the efficacy of their decisions would depend on the correct interrelations within the various data sets.

A tool is only effective to the extent of freeing the business analyst of the technological burden and making the analyst a more conscious and intelligent and right decision maker.

IDEAL ANALYTICS idealizes these realizations through the tool in making business a more intelligent enterprise where the losses are fast asymptotically reduced with the benefits and productivity exponentially reaching its limit, so that the next set of decision making can only be achieved through a radical policy change.


Transport & Logistics

If there is only one industry that is solely engendered out of the mathematical concepts is Transportation & Logistics.

The different mathematical optimization techniques that are taught in the advanced business and mathematical studies all stemmed out of the real problems in moving goods and services from one point to the other in the minimum time and cost and with the best quality and assurance. Each of these functions imposes data along with their own rules, disciplines, and methods.

Data crunching with high number manipulations in multi-dimensions and in multiple cross-dataset relationships is the way logistics and transportation industries makes its mark in increasing profitability and in volume of business.

Business Intelligence always wanted to provided the most appropriate solution to this industry and is still evolving its own trajectory trying to solve the issues this industry throws up every day.

The ever changing requirement calls for an open-design, ad-hoc, data-current, self-serving, real-time, reusable and data-independent rendition to dashboards and yet it needs to have the data rendered meaningfully at the flick of an eye-brow.

Every new tool has to their own extent evolved the BI solution space with more mature and higher standards.

IDEAL-ANALYTICS – the appropriate-n-affordable solution tool has come in with a leap ahead head-start in the solution space, and has already proved its mettle tested by its triumph over other tools of big ticket veteran competitors, through her slick, smart and affordable cloud or web rendition of results.



Internet, mobile apps and social networks have significantly changed consumer behaviors, how they consume content and their attention to advertising. Management and marketing communications agencies must evolve in an increasingly complex and constantly changing faces of countless data sources and often difficult to analyze.

By allowing a point to centralize data from your Google Analytics accounts, Facebook or Twitter and cross them with your other data (sales, investment …), Ideal Analytics offers a flexible and powerful tool for measuring the performance of your media campaigns and their ROI.


Small & Medium Business

Capital Formation in any economy in our present age depends on the SME sector, where each firm adds up their contribution to the national economy and that turns out to be the highest capital turner. Each such firm has their mark in terms of some nuance of their own. This specific information creates a sector that is richest in Data in the most atomic and raw formation.

A solution provider therefore has to be very conversant with the society data and the data of the industries. The dimensions of facts or measures for understandable reason mark its geographical, product, demographical, economic and social indicators in addition to any the usual data required in other industries. The miniscule value of data of individual firms is only meaningful when compared with the data of the industry, region, product, season and client target group.

A business analyst in most likelihood works for a conglomerate or cooperative in this sector. This sector is therefore the most attractive sector for data generation and processing – ranging from business users to academics SME is the most talked about and case-study generator these days. Data analysis tools are essential in this sector to gain any kind of collective information. Business intelligence Goliaths are loose out in terms of affordability, slickness and speed. The big ticket BI tools company are now targeting this sector with their scaled down products. A product that is scaled down can never meet the appropriate requirement, only those that have been conceived with the requirements of the industry can shape up and pace up with the ever changing requirement- that is what IDEAL-ANALYTICS has achieved.