The latest version of Ideal Analytics is more handy, Statistical and User friendly

Another release — in the same promise and style of releases almost every month! —This time Ideal Analytics has come out with more statistical features and better user handling of the analysis.

Embedded statistical functions – Now users will be able to use standard statistical functions e.g. STDDEV, VAR, CORR, MED, MAD etc while defining calculated aggregated columns.

More Asynchronous functions – Export is no longer a synchronous function so that users have to wait for the result. It is now asynchronous like load, report etc. The exported files can be downloaded at a later point of time according to the user convenience.

Google Big-Query connector – IA is now equipped with a ready-made connector to the Google’s Big-Query infrastructure. So users using Google storage for storing their data can also analyse using IA.

Our promise of coping up to the best of the standards is reinforced. Wish you an added excitement in having a better analytic experience…

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