Ideal Analytics catches eyes at 2nd Annual Data Science Summit – 2015 Kolkata

The 2nd Annual Data Science Summit was held on 28th of August at Park Hotel in Kolkata by NASSCOM. “You can think infinite and yet countably” was the thema. Along with other dignitaries who deliberated, Sanjoy Chatterjee -our CTO did present the case of digitization, analytics in various lines of businesses with case studies in Health Care extendable to retail and marketing. The success thumped as it was obvious by the packed audience perusing through the entire presentation and the intelligent questions and one-on-one conversations with Sanjoy. Kolkata is fast catching up and making her position established as Analytic hub. The local government is actively eyeing for at least 3 Analytic Hubs in the state.

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  1. Nipurba Konar 2015-09-09T05:38:43+01:000000004330201509 |

    Nice to know that Ideal Analytics is now breaking grounds

  2. Analytics Ori 2015-09-09T05:47:34+01:000000003430201509 |

    Ideal Analytics is in the air now. What a start!

  3. Jose Wright 2015-09-09T05:49:50+01:000000005030201509 |

    So proud to see an Indian product making big

  4. shankar singh 2015-09-09T05:51:44+01:000000004430201509 |

    Bravo Ideal Analytics ! Surge ahead

  5. Arnab kanti 2015-09-09T05:53:27+01:000000002730201509 |

    Bravo Ideal!

  6. amar singh Chauhan 2015-09-09T05:54:44+01:000000004430201509 |

    Great feat! waiting to see the latest versions

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