Sanjoy addresses aspirant entrepreneurs

Institute of Engineering and Management – a leading Engineering College in Kolkata hosted a seminar on “Entrepreneurship for freshers” and Sanjoy Chatterjee – the CTO of Ideation technology & Ideal Analytics was one of the panellists.
In his deliberations and Q&A sessions Sanjoy expressed his ideas about entrepreneurship. Sanjoy stressed on having new ideas and the zeal to realize one’s dreams. Youngsters filled with dreams, new ideas to its brim and with unadulterated and unmitigated zeal are the best group who can plunge in the innovation circuit.
He shared his experience with the students and wannabes that failures are real Captial for success and if someone steals one’s ideas then one should be proud and confident that one is in the right track because a steal-able idea is a “value-proposition” and therefore the dreamer has a value in the society, all other stuff comes late and would follow.

Sanjoy’s comment came from his hard earned experience. His freshness is intact and he sounded as fresh as ever he was when he started the venture of Ideation.

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