Russia sends a beacon with Ideal Analytics for SMB business to gear up in Russian Soil

Alexey Seleznev, a BI expert and evangelist is working to give Russian companies the needed Analytical turn, he finds Ideal Analytics to be the most appropriate tool from technical and commercial considerations. After a very intense research of the needs of the industry and comparison with the market-famous tools, Alexey has send the outcome of his research to Ideal Analytics HQ at Kolkata. We were astonished, bemused and found very important feedback from his research.

Ideal Analytics now has a brand ambassador in Russian soil, who has decided upon Ideal Analytics as the best tool for Russian companies. Alexey has translated the manuals and the use cases of Ideal Analytics in Russian. He has created his own demo data set and set of dashboards and reports. We have Alexey there in Russia as our navigator.

We wish the best for Alexey in every venture of his with every piece of help he would and might need with Ideal Analytics. more…

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