New partners pour in

ComponentSource – world’s largest B2B software component community for .NET, COM (TM), DELPHI (TM), JAVA/EJB (TM), AJAX, ATLAS, SharePoint and Eclipse. ComponentSource is also the world’s largest repository of open market software components, development tools, and related services. Their customer base consists of various vertical markets such as banking, healthcare, telecommunication, and utility companies.

ComponentSource is excited with Ideal Analytics as they find immense opportunity to approach their clientele and meet their Analytics need. We at Ideal Analytics is excited to get a friend & Partner in UK working in European and Australian market along with.

TribeNautix provides data driven digital insights for leading online brands – maximizing Marketing, Sales & Customer Retention capabilities. Their BI solutions are powered by Ideal Analytics tool. Walking in as OEM integrator, they have their products leveraging toward Analytics. We are proud to have another technology partner.

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