New major Release 4.0.0

  • Ideal Analytics has kept her promise again. The fourth major version [4.0.0] is released. Four major versions in four years of operation! Amazing feat for a company has startled the industry.
  • This version has changed the dashboard- an interactive dashboard where changes can be done at the dashboard stage on the dashboard itself with clicks, users do not have to revert to the explorer stage for alternative views.
  • On-screen filters are in place. This is a great benefit for huge data sets. Filters can narrow down the selections where from drill down can be done through the data hierarchy. Filters can be done with values both horizontally and vertically, viz, users can now select only selected sets from the complete data set in terms of elements in the horizontal scale or select some data values depending on range or specific values.
  • Some users can now be barred to see some data columns or values within the original data set. Access privileges at the data level are now installed.
  • New database connections [Sybase IQ & Informix] is now tendered. This is a direct result of customer requests, showing how committed we are with customer feedback.
  • Along with the advanced features in filtering provided at the exploring stage these new features of interactive dashboard-ing has empowered the users with faster alternative viewing.
  • Dashboards have a three-level hierarchy now. Within a dashboard groups there are dashboards and each such dashboard may contain one or more dashboard items. A user’s freedom in going through these levels comports well with the organization hierarchy where accounts having many users and users wanting to see different items are ensured.
  • A better user-friendly feature has helped the user introduce new dashboard items within a dashboard after the dashboard is auto-arranged. Freedom is given to the user to re-arrange the dashboard with minimum changes.

With this promise realized we invite our customers, friends and patrons to look out for more magic in presentation of Big Data in usable and user-friendly personalized dashboards.

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