Nasscom takes Ideal Analytics to lead India

Nasscom Products Conclave is going to host its special meet in Bangalore on 30th & 31st of October, 2014. This is the most prestigious and premium most arenas to showcase products and wares. NASSCOM has decided to showcase Ideal Analytics as one of the best products of India that would show the innovative sheen of Indian products competing in the world market.

Ideal Analytics team is elated with this gesture of Nasscom and Nasscom thinks it a privilege and a prestige boosting from their side. We are humbled hrough the immense uplifting of our esteem and our efforts. We now are a name cognized by all in the product market! Our commitment to even scale higher is more fortified and we will keep on the pace of further developments.

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  1. Sonu Singh 2014-10-29T07:37:37+01:000000003731201410 |

    i find Ideal Analytics making big news and kicking up breezes and deluges. How would you think Ideal will tackle the future.? do you have a clear and defined road map?

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