Ideal Analytics has a new release 4.2.1

Ideal Analytics is available in Android and iOS devices. Ideal Analytics kept its promise of platform agnostic countenance.

Entire dashboards are now exportable. Dashboards now are arranged in three layered architecture like Dashboard containing many dashboard groups, each such group contains many dashboard items. Some items may be minimized even and on demand they can take upon a visible size. This helps in comparing many dashboard alternatives in one screen shot and the size of the screen really does not matter because they can be resized as users see them.

These exportable dashboards may be sent to someone outside through emails who do not have any account in the system, and they can still do some twigging on their screens. An entire hierarchical output can be shown and then this can be exploded in stages to the lowest leaf level data. Dashboards are therefore exported to external users with different look-n-feel.

Filters in the dashboards can now be applied on values and parameters as well.

With this Ideal-analytics is now on the top rung of fast version changes with advanced features in analysis and depiction.

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