Ideal Analytics featured in NASSCOM Top 50 “Excellence in Analytics” 2015


Ideal Analytics’s case study on ‘Software licensing piracy’ has been chosen for NASSCOM’s Top 50 ‘Excellence in Analytics’ 2015. The award was presented at the NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit in Hyderabad, India on June 25, 2015 with the theme of “Data-Driven Disruption -The Next Frontier”. The case study has been included in the report on the innovation and maturity of Indian analytics released at the summit.

MohanaKrishnan, Director, NASSCOM, said “Disruptive technologies, informed customers, rapidly changing business models are presenting challenges as well as opportunities for enterprises to explore innovative solutions available in the ecosystem. The need for drawing better insights from huge volumes of data has fueled the need for innovative analytic solutions.
The depth, breadth, innovation and maturity of analytics solutions from India is not only fascinating and has led industries such as banking, retail, mining, aviation, agriculture, government, transportation, hospitality, and energy & utilities to quickly adopt and bring enhanced competitive advantage.”

Here’s an excerpt from the case study –

“The business of computer software has evolved to a usage-based model where revenue is based on a fixed fee earned per licensed User, identified either by a License Key and sometimes augmented by the IP address. Usage is a virtual concept, and lacking methods to physically monitor and identify users, multiple users can use the same license. This pegs down the real number of usages and creates a leakage in the revenue stream.

Revenue Leakage is a widely acknowledged and troublesome phenomenon, especially in service and transaction-based industries. Since the source of the problem is not easily identifiable, companies need the help of analytic ingenuity to identify the sources of leakage, quantifying the volume of revenue loss and prescribing the process for recovery.
We present a case-study where the imaginative use of state-of-the-art analytic methods helped one of the biggest providers of licensed software in India identify their revenue leaks, estimate the gap between earned and collected revenue, and act on the information to recover large portion of the supposedly lost earnings.”

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