Ideal Analytics calls in and appreciates orientation and free certificate courses for budding analyst experts

We have a duty – a duty for the industry, the future business, the country and the knowledge world as such. Ideal Analytics has embarked a one or two day full orientation course leading to successful certification of professional expertise as individual business practitioners- this is to meet the huge requirement of the analytics experts and individual practitioners in the years to come.

The cost is –Nothing! From our side, the participants have to be present in Kolkata for two full days may or may not be consecutive dates are to be fixed with the applicant’s preference of dates, no registration fee but the essential requirement is that every applicant should be present with their own data set from their own industry that they want to analyze. You get your own data, show the result of your analysis to your higher ups and decision makers and impress them on how and what you can contribute for the years-to-come. Please contact us and reap the immense benefit – free of cost. Who are eligible? Well, analysts, students, CXOs , decision makers and wannabe prospective consultants of the future.

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