Ideal-Analytics betters Google analytics in many ways than one!

E-commerce website owners would like to know in precise how many they could reach out, reaching out in various phases that means the depth of interest of the viewers. Who wouldn’t like to gauge and make the outcome as a factor-input toward a quantified plan!

Google analytics’ popularity among this target audience is because of this!

But you can do better!

Yes, there is someone who stands by to break the limitation! Google Analytics can find the viewers’ profiles in aggregate and in discrete. But wouldn’t you like to know the consumption pattern, consuming behaviour, like patterns, fad interests of your customers to appropriately reach out to them? Who wouldn’t?

Here is Ideal-Analytics that can bring in Google analytics measures in collaboration with data from other applications and relate them to get a mapping view of your own choice. This adds value in the most desired and needed manner. . Say a new car ancillary company producing say very niche product related to the car sub-items might want to know the number of different ranges of cars sold in that region. This information would not be available in Google analytics. A third pattern of information of brand loyalty of regional disposition may also be a good input if they are matched; along with of course the general information of test markets and income distribution patterns with respect to professions. A comprehensive follow up of that trend would make the proprietor “know the customer base” not only in terms of where and how the present interests of the customers but also in terms of knowing their buying liking behaviour of the near future. The follow up products could thus be devised.

Marketing had never been so precise, focussed, data driven, fact oriented! Where it can get more scientific is in creating more relations and extracting more qualitative value from those relations.

A handy multi-utility & multi-dimensional handy tool that can fast process ad-hoc unforeseen business artefacts in the hands of individual and group analysts would make the use of Google analytics more useful, more appropriate.

How to go about?
Bring down a Google analytics file that your campaign has generated. This route is undertaken through creating a separate connector that brings in the data source to be used within Ideal-Analytics.

In the next step, bring in data that you wish to and can be connected from other applications or other sources. Bring them within Ideal-Analytics through another connector.

Create a third connector through “system connector” and then relate the data sets through field relations. You can pick-n-choose fields through a wizard, add filters and see how they match, that means value the fact of one file through dimensions of the other.

The presentation would show a wonderful insight through graphs and charts of your own choice. Reporting and externalization are as simple as it could be best in comparison in the market.

Research and wisdom
A continuous research of the data of interest periodically with frequencies of your choice collaborating Google & Ideal analytics is the new way to go and be top on the consumer behaviour and production and distribution planning!

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