Big Data Paris 2013- a conference of insights, expanse & approaches

Big Data is the biggest buzzword that makes the biggest expanse of noise-waves! And France is the third largest practising ground of Analysts that excels in quality, is the most promising quality market in the coming future of the entire Industry & Management world.

The combination was propitious for a Conference of the best brains. Well! It really was, Ideal Analytics was there as well— present, presenting, conferring, gathering inputs, feedback and fathoming the future trends, slant and challenges. The grapevine was ripe, the time spent were fruitful. Ideal Analytics got many useful contacts of interested would-be partners, associates, technology OEM & research partners and of-course many interested clients. Ideal Analytics ferrets these symposiums to keep pace and surf on the frothy layer that has deep down connections to the deepest changes in currents and rubbles!

Ideal -Analytics as a tool has marked its presence among the Big Data interested populace! We are really excited and look forward to gathering worth from these Big meet of Big Data in the future time-line.

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