Analytics as the most popular & growing stream in Graduate Schools

Name any standard, and renowned School in US and in other parts of the world. The most upcoming and popular stream is Analytics. There are various types of Masters [viz MS, MBA, M of Advanced Analytics. M of Science in Analytics Engineering etc] various schools and universities offer. There are specialized institutions on Analytics under renowned universities like University of Carolina as well. Specialized Business schools have their MS or MBA courses on Analytics. Companies and firms are recruiting heavily from these schools. Students are flocking as the course generally pulls in any graduate from any stream with analytical knack.

Usual topics are data mining, machine learning, statistical models, predictive analytics, econometrics, optimization, risk analysis, data visualization, business communication and management science. Every business school add on new topics. One is amazed at the rise of employment statistics.

Ideal Analytics is a proud member of this education deluge in Analytics. We are actively supporting universities with workshops, familiarization, course planning, course management and other practical orientation programs for short term to long term durations.
Come plunge into the next revolution! The Analytics revolution!

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