A new story, a new vistas! Ideal Analytics in its maturity of self-design

Ideal Analytics has published its 5.0.0 version, now complete with a Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Configurable and Designable dashboard studio – all elements of which can be combined-ly and separately shippable and externalized to a remote user without a sign-on.

Reports are not limited by what is explored and what is shown in the dashboard, Reports now have their own existence as per the on-line design by the user. A user can now combine dashboard elements, the entire dashboard and different dashboards in a single Report pane. A report is now an existence with Cover page, end page, headers, footers and elements in the same page or different pages.

Report designing has taken Ideal-analytics to the new league competing with the professional reporting tools. Ideal Analytics is an analysis tool, but self-sufficient in developing its own professional reports.

The extra features in Analysis and exploration now finds ideal analytics firmly in the smooth track of being a predictive analytics tool with full features of what-if analysis.

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