Our Team

Ideal Analytics is a techno-management conglomerate. We are a group of technologist and management professionals who have worked in their respective fields for more than one score to two scores of years. Very popular and very renowned are the two common characteristics that adorn our stakeholders. We have highest level executive from the old IBM days down to now heading the biggest ever Public Sector Undertaking in India and having completed and led successfully the biggest of the big projects. We also have most talented creators in Application Software, System Software, Centre of Excellence creators, best of the Best People Managers and of course some with more than 40 years of Business Development and Business leading portfolios.

Sanjoy Chatterjee

Co-Founder, Director of the Board and CTO
Sanjoy Chatterjee is a seasoned IT professional (with over 15 years of experience) making his way up from the bottom to the stage of Technology Evangelist and Cutting Edge Consultant. An engineer with experiences from TATA Technologies and TATA Motors, Sanjoy started working with the predominant technologies and later in InterraIT he was responsible for technology initiative and product architecting / development and management.

Sanjoy’s is noteworthy for his steadfast rise from a hands-on engineer to an entrepreneur. He now leads Ideation Technology Solutions and Ideal Analytics Solutions, later being Indo-French joint ventures in the applications solutions space and product solution space respectively with focused Business Verticals and Technology horizontals. Sanjoy lead his way up from a one-man army to being a commander of a strong contingent of very high level technology professionals, and yet leading very profitable and venerated business endeavors quite successfully.

Presently, his acumen in the Business Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions world with a very special practice of Data Analytics product solutions has raised bemused appreciation among the clientele. One of the very few entrepreneur-business-heads with technical hands-on involvement down to the atomic level has given the outstanding and discerning shine that Sanjoy masters in this solutions world.

He has received his M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur and B.E from Bengal Engineering College.

Sukumar Chakraborty

Director and Chief Technical Architect
Sukumar Chakraborty is an experienced IT professional with vast range of domain expertise and experience in both software services as well as product development. In his career spanning over 15 years, Sukumar has worked on important projects from a wide spectrum of domains covering RFID, Telecom, Accounting, Data Mining, etc.

Starting the career from WIPRO Systems, Sukumar has worked for several organizations like VEDIKA International where he was the one of the main design architects of the team working on their flagship accounting cum ERP product called FACT, for InterraIT where he was the lead architect of a delivery centre and in TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) he was the CoE lead of the RFID team where he was looking after the delivery as well as the technical grooming of the resources and also leading the R&D and product development activities.

Sukumar has been closely associated with various technology domains like J2EE, RFID, Smart Cards, Mobile Applications, Middleware, Sensor Networks, etc. Sukumar has interests in various fields of AI e.g., Neural Networks, Decision Trees, etc and he has published some of his works in international journals like IEEE Transactions, International Journal of Neural Networks, etc these ideas have been deployed in various works in the field of data mining and sensor networks.

Sukumar is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from the JU and master in Computer Science from the Indian Statistical Institute.

Frédéric KTORZA

Director, European Operation
Frédéric Ktorza has over 15 years’ experience in consulting company in the IT industry. Frederic Ktorza founded a company in France that helps multinationals like BlackBerry (RIM), VMware, EMC, Cisco, Huawei, Check Point Software, Juniper Networks, Salesforce, Oracle, and Adobe to increase their business in Europe. For this, it was necessary to design applications that measure the contribution to sales marketing companies or their level of customer satisfaction or tools that optimize the investment.

Frédéric is also CEO of ChoYou SAS that performs in the IT business consulting more than 10 million in sales.

Anjan Majumdar

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, one of the premier management institutes of India, and a Mechanical Engineer from Bengal Engineering College, Calcutta, Anjan Majumdar has over 27 years of post-qualification experience in Business & IT consulting. Anjan has the experience of not only working in India, but also in Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, UK, and USA. He served as an Executive Director of IBM and Partner/Executive Director in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Consulting Services. In his last assignment at IBM, Anjan was the leader and Managing Partner of the Consulting practice & the Global Delivery Center (GDC) in the Philippines.

Anjan held numerous leadership positions in IBM and PwC. Anjan was a member of the Global Leadership Team (GLT) for Financial Services Sector (FSS). He was a member of the Executive Council of Global Delivery (GD) business in India and managed revenues worth US $ 200 million (approx). Besides, he headed the India Business Desk in the USA for PwC.

At present Anjan Majumdar leads Aidias Consulting Group as its Managing Director. He is also a Strategic Advisor/Member of the Board for a number of organizations in India.

Shovon Mukherjee

Shovon became a partner in PwC in 1999 and moved to IBM as part of IBM’s acquisition of the PwC consulting business in October 2002. He rejoined PwC in 2008. Over the last 12 years, Shovon has had various leadership roles in PwC and IBM.

In his last job, Shovon was a partner in PwC India‘s consulting line of service. In his last role, Shovon focused on the Oracle business for India and worked across technologies in major transformational initiatives/projects. He also led the retail and consumer industry sector for PwC within consulting.

Shovon is currently working on a start-up venture called ExpertiseConnect to offer consulting services to Indian small and medium enterprises. This is an innovative consulting delivery model that aspires to leverage the skills and experience of independent consultants, retired professionals and niche consulting firms to bring affordable, result-oriented consulting solutions to the Indian SMEs.