First Ideal Analytics ‘Global Partner Webinar’

First Ideal Analytics ‘Global Partner Webinar’

The very first fully oriented and orchestrated Webinar took place with the Partners of IDEAL ANALYTICS on 8th of November, 2012. The Webinar pooled in Partners all around the Globe and the excitement writ large in the air where every single partner pitched in with their excited queries, contributions, experiences and were all agog with their own plans and methods of hitting the market. Their exuberances were apparent in the choice of their questions, choice of words, plans they came out with and wish-list including suggestions on the web-site and features.

The first webinar was in all considerations a Bang! A partner was insistent in having the web-site translated in various European languages along with all the white papers and contents. While across the continents the partners were looking for the right position of IDEAL ANALYTICS in the competition space with the comparisons of the features and the business and commercial terms. A partner asked about the plan of support over versions and the road map of the certification program.

IDEAL ANALYTICS representatives that included the entire business team the stakeholders, the technical and development team replied to each question. They were exhilarated to “sit” across and “feel” the market pulse. We find that both the internal team and the partners are now more than eager to roll up their sleeves and get their hands involved with the tools and with their business plan and their target list of customers. A quarterly grand partner webinar is a critical-schedule-item in a quarter, with special webinars coinciding with major releases or major collaborations. Region wise [APAC, NAC, EuC, WAC] partner webinars will be planned on-demand from the geography specific partner groups.
Pretty interestingly, the count of local and international partners is quite amazingly picking up like a tide in the last week or so, and even they are showing interests by the day. The collaboration strategy with SalesForce, BOX, Google-Analytics has attracted serious interests at a steady rate.

IDEAL ANALYTICS has published her 3.2.1 version where connectors with social network groups, multi-dimensional sorting and analysis with more than one facts with multi-dimensional measurements and then of course there are more technical niche artefacts are now available.

We all are eagerly waiting for such further meets!

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