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IDEAL-ANALYTICS releases Version 3.3
IDEAL-ANALYTICS is trendier than ever
IDEAL-ANALYTICS scales Salesforce Security regimen
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IDEAL-ANALYTICS  comes out with New Release 3.3
The Latest release of our Tool is Version 3.3! What is there?
Security conformation as per the Open Web Application Security Project(OWASP) guidelines. IDEAL ANALYTICS – the company religiously follows the guidelines of International standards and incorporates more. In our new release we have assured every customer that their data will be secured in any platform even though the application would run on the Cloud. A feat highly coveted and steep to achieve in its totality - IDEAL-ANALYTICS – the tool has really scaled up as the one of the top success stories in terms of standards. Customers' concerns are our assuring targets and once again we matched and surpassed it.
The tool IDEAL-ANALYTICS does now run with much more than 80 charts and visualizations for our analysed data. We took a leaf out from the critics' notebook. We changed the presentations of our existing charts and then we added new ones – all newer styles of presentations. The Company and the development team is now very powerful but not condescending at all in being able to add on so many charts in one go - a challenge that out-scaled any competition.
The licensing and registration or subscription into IDEAL-ANALYTICS has now been made easier in one click. This will actually help users from other social network sites and sites like Salesforce, Box and VMWARE when they would like to check out our tool first on a trial version and then decide on the buying-decision.
We are one big step ahead in covering up any criticism that comes in our way! We would keep up the standard in the next versions – and we vouch there!
ideal-analytics Release Version 3.3
IDEAL-ANALYTICS  goes Super Secure
Any apprehensions! And our IDEAL ANALYTICS team takes it seriously- even when it might not have been so serious. But perception is everything, the world revolves round it, and when it comes to customers – their perception is our assignment. The development team of IDEAL ANALYTICS is done with their super secure data transaction- where any data transferred over the internet – Cloud or otherwise would now go with the trusted certification of fullest security check- stamped and signed as assured. The release 3.3 has come out with the feature. Clouds are therefore now going secure, privatized in action and public in rights – Huh! And there is more news! Nothing is absolute with us. We would seek market intelligence to make it even more secure whenever we figure out we need to! That is the commitment from IDEAL ANALYTICS – the company that heeds to the whispers of the customers and implement it.

We take it seriously and that people, our associates, those big brothers with whom we integrate our application, notice them. IDEAL-ANALYTICS has passed the security checking & verification with flying colours, this is a great feat as we have passed through the excruciatingly rigorous process and tests in our first endeavour. This shows how meticulous are we in the matter of security.

Our concern for security has made us plunge into taking up the challenge of security examinations by many big OEM application owners. In all of them to-date we have come out with laurels.
A concrete outcome – our OEM integrator is the most talked about solution provider in the Sales Campaign section that serves companies of all big fames and names. Salesforce showed their interest in IDEAL-ANALYTICS. The mutual aim of the two companies was to integrate the Analytics solution of IDEAL-ANALYTICS with Salesforce so that the Salesforce customers can very professionally and elegantly use their Salesforce data and put them into Analysis seamlessly. The aim was tall! Tall because Salesforce is very meticulous in the security of the clients’ data and very rigorous with the integration! A very stringent regime has to be followed as a process with zero tolerance in every aspect of the integration! Very few companies actually can get pass their certification in the first opportunity.

IDEAL-ANALYTICS took this up as a challenge. We crossed the mark with flying colours and with laurels on our feather. Once again IDEAL-ANLYTICS has sailed across without any hitch – with minimum to and fro and guess what! We now are fully certified as a successful candidate in terms of data security and application security.

We are ready to brave it up with many evaluations that might challenge up. We know we have the best in the cloud security. Sales force certification is just a Proof of Concept that we crossed. That is why and how we walk the talk and then talk the walk. We are now declaring it and waited a little longer to do so! We are proud we are now offering all our customers the best secured data loading and rendering through the best of visualizations after the best of the analysis.
IDEAL-ANALYTICS  goes trendier
Whatsoever advanced your analysis be, the perception gathers respect with more and more trendy dashboard, charts, visualization and embedding. The new release of IDEAL-ANALYTICS has come out with a big cartridge of nice looking charts, moving figures and pleasing and rather bewildering presentation of the analyses. The world seemingly is getting trendier in depiction and in aesthetics. IDEAL ANALYTICS team has judged that and now working their galls out to bring forth the latest trends in chart designs. Quite a new look in the release 3.3, Huh!

In the latest version of 3.3 IDEAL-ANLYTICS now can be visualized through more than 80 options of different charts. The presentations are WEB 2.0 compatible so that they can be depicted in any platform and hand held instrument that the world presently use.
IDEAL-ANALYTICS  goes trendier
IDEAL-ANALYTICS  goes Super Secure
With the 3rd major and minor IDEAL-ANLYTICS has now the latest version of Visualization
Critics are our best friends! Our design triumvirate – the conceiver trio always thought so, it requires guts, galls and muscle for that! They have it- they mean when they said that. Critics complained IDEAL-ANLYTICS is low on the visualization side. This new release took that issue up as a challenge, they put in more charts, more visualization and more background analysis to meet those charts – the number is huge – in fact too many to digest- 80 and more! That is more than any competition ever thought of incorporating in any release. IDEAL-ANLYTICS is now more than any competing tools in terms of visualization. It was numero UNO in analysis and now the lead in that aspect is even increased. The cap of visualization par excellence has now been added. The appreciation value goes even more when we find that with every such new chart a snippet of customization is required to get it.

The development team has more challenges for the future. In terms of functions, in terms of different types of analysis- the upgrade is now a regular feature and beyond the present version of 3.3 IDEAL-ANLYTICS would overawe the world in every next version, major and minor!

We are excited, to see how the clientele and the world takes notice!
IDEAL-ANALYTICS scales Salesforce Security regimen
IDEAL-ANALYTICS snuggles in as an application within Salesforce with great honour and expectation
Salesforce is the de-facto norm for Sales campaign and follow up, this is the method now being used in the industry to run a campaign, follow up the campaign, follow up the replies, and move towards closing a sale in a clearly written laid out methodology.

Users have data of their suspects, prospects, clients, non-respondents and even the time to close and time and even reorder. Many kinds of data need aggregation analysis and view to come to a more objective.

IDEAL-ANALYTICS has come up with the required help. After many stringent tests and a very rigorous work-flow and cross-checking now IDEAL-ANALYTICS finds her rightful place in the Salesforce application lists.

IDEAL-ANALYTICS can analyse Salesforce data of the user. In IDEAL-ANALYTICS data set from other Salesforce account can be brought in and collated and compared. The tool can also bring in absolutely external data set, beyond the Salesforce and then analysis with all those different types of datasets can be used to help the user take decisions across and beyond Salesforce application.

Salesforce has many applications integrated, IDEAL-ANALYTICS is unique in the sense that the sign-on registration is seamless, and most importantly it is a window that opens up to a whole new freedom of working with different types of the datasets. A simple entry and then the user has all the freedom not restricted by Salesforce data only or one type of dataset.

Salesforce imposes a very rigorous regime of security of data of the clients. IDEAL-ANALYTICS is a cloud based application [private or public] and yet the security of the data is certified with the highest level of security that the business expects and is used to working. The certification of Salesforce in terms of security is important trophy to us that proves how we view the question of security. IDEAL-ANALYTICS is now ready to scale up to any kind of evaluation in security with any kind of application.
BIG DATA PARIS is a grand European Exposition that is going to be hosted in Paris, France from on 3rd & 4th of April. All the big data handling players would be present there and would exhibit their wares. IDEAL ANALYTICS will be present there in the space F3 and would all be prepared to take up the challenge of proving to the interested and concerned that our tool ranks among the best technically and definitely the best in terms of business sense [ in terms of Value and Price]. Our colleagues would be there even to plan future charts with the prospective development partners, OEM partners and research organizations who would like to embed our application with theirs. Our experts would discuss the functional issues in specific business verticals and show in concrete terms of analysis of the datasets of the users. A solution environment would be struck where from the users can get their on-line registration and their on-line, on-demand analysis. Confidence building is our prime motto in the Exposition and we would be talking the language of the user. Meet you in Paris on Big Data Paris- the European exposition of data analytic solutions!
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