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A recent survey in India by CapGemini & EMC has very interesting news for Big Data Analytics. More than 55% executives figures that their next investment chain for the future years would be around handling Big Data and Data Analytics. Every one executive is gearing for such a revolution. Read more >> future Leader IMG
There however is a cautionary line: a huge number of executives [just a little below the 50% mark] has opined that the turnover time for a successful completion in analytics transformation is taking a rather longer time. That is a matter of concern indeed.

The solution is right in your hands: an ideal solution like Ideal Analytics. One should go for a tool that does not require implementation time, no special skill for implementation and no special dependence on the IT department of IT consultants – a tool that installs, implements on its own and intuitive, self-regulatory and self-explanatory. Experience the personalization of analysing, analytics with your own Big Data, experience bringing in data from apparently un-related application in one place toward a unified analysis. Log on to and register for a free full featured trial account and deal with your Big Data, share your analysis with others who may or may not be logged in even in your application.
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We have a duty - a duty for the industry, the future business, the country and the knowledge world as such. Ideal Analytics has embarked a one or two day full orientation course leading to successful certification of professional expertise as individual business practitioners- this is to meet the huge requirement of the analytics experts and individual practitioners in the years to come.

The cost is –Nothing! From our side, the participants have to be present in Kolkata for two full days may or may not be consecutive dates are to be fixed with the applicant's preference of dates, no registration fee but the essential requirement is that every applicant should be present with their own data set from their own industry that they want to analyze. You get your own data, show the result of your analysis to your higher ups and decision makers and impress them on how and what you can contribute for the years-to-come. Please contact us and reap the immense benefit – free of cost. Who are eligible? Well, analysts, students, CXOs , decision makers and wannabe prospective consultants of the future.
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The prestige associated with being selected as finalists among the innovative companies is a matter of enviable pride for any company, and Ideal Analytics is bemusingly elated. Ideal Analytics is especially happy on the distinction that we are a product-solution company among the finalists.

A noteworthy distinction such as this has emboldened us to move forth with newer gusto toward our smarter and newer features.
Crazy Engineers Interview
Crazy Engineers that network start-ups and innovators and publish their stories has interviewed Sanjoy Chatterjee - CTO of Ideal Analytics and IdeationTS. Sanjoy talks about his grooming from the bottom to the top and the challenges on the track. Browse through the full volume
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Numind Consulting Private Limited (Numind) provides boutique advisory services to ensure their client's business success through agile and innovative thought leadership. They utilize their collective management experience to help clients formulate business strategies to realize measurable business value and achieve sustainable ROI. Headquartered in Bangalore, Numind services clients on a pan India basis and has offices in Mumbai and Gurgaon.

Numind assisting organizations in Technology, Education, Healthcare, Government and the Financial Services sectors in fine-tuning their business strategy to match market dynamics and build additional competencies, form appropriate partnerships and alliances to achieve their goals. Numind's partnership with Ideal Analytics has stemmed from the frequent analytics related requirements from their existing clients. Numind aims to better its service quality with the addition of Ideal Analytics in their bouquet of offering.

Browse through for further details and their offerings.
Nnishan Systems March 2015
For a pretty long while Nishan is our trusted and committed partner in our business and technology endeavour. Besides the usual strategic and business partnership Nishan has been co-ordinating our expanse efforts mainly in APAC countries. Nishan and Ideal Analytics has now making interesting and noteworthy inroads in the domestic market and in some APAC countries as well. We at Ideal Analytics appreciate the friendship and development association with Nishan with all sincerity.

Peruse through for their offerings.
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