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Ideal Analytics turns database agnostic
An accolade' a recognition once more in a short span
Partner in-focus : ANVESAK
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Ideal Analytics turns database agnostic
Ideal Analytics turns database agnostic
Ideal Analytics starting from its latest version 4.0.0 is now free in choosing and using any columnar database as its database repository. The tool uses columnar databases to handle huge datasets with multiple facts and dimensions. Columnar databases are the best practice and these have their advance versions like value based columnar databases. Ideal Analytics started with one type of such columnar database. Now it can have Sybase IQ and other open source columnar databases such as infiniDB. On-demand from the customer and the appropriate license from the database vendor, Ideal-Analytics 4.0.0 onwards would now use any of these as the database within the warehouse internal to them.

Ideal Analytics is now one more step ahead in the back-end along with the new look of the dashboard with more charts and patterns. Every new version will now have more startling features from this version onward. Ideal Analytics is walking the talk - the promise.
An accolade, a recognition once more in a short span
A recognition once more - Analytics India Magazine
Analytics India Magazine [A↑M] is a leading magazine in the analytics world published from India. Every year they highlight the top 10 list of analytics product that creates rumbles and attracts attention. On January issue of their magazine this year they have selected Ideal Analytics to be the product among the top 10. We received the information as a surprise and are really invigorated. Yes, we are thankful to Analytics India Magazine and of course to you all, without the active blessings and support, we could not have made this stage. Our resolve of continuous development in features in the back end and in the front-end will be on as ever. We would soon scale the top, and we would do that with all of your active help! In the newest version we have an interactive dashboard and we have achieved the agnostic stage in choosing any columnar database for our warehouse. We would go on ahead with advanced features and you all will be notified in time! On the track of growth & development!

ANVESAK is a very interesting partner of Ideal Analytics. A group of technologists turning entrepreneurs has pooled in their expertise in marketing, management and other product development experiences to enter and champion the need of a business intelligence tool that would serve the business analysts in various functional disciplines and industry verticals. Anvesak realizes that the business of the near to long term future is going to be whirled around business analytics and data categorisation and pictorial rendition of the changing data. Anvesak's understanding and viewing of the Enterprise level market faced solutions for their customers found the ideal partner in Ideal Analytics.

We at ideal Analytics is very excited and we pin high hopes on to the joint effort in market expansion.
Ideal Analytics Partners with Anvesek
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