Newsletter October 2013
Recognition: Nasscom Emerge 50
Ideal-Analytics release version 3.4.1
New Partner Encore : Veeras Infotek
Partner in-focus : Nishan Systems
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Ideal Analytics among the top 50 in Nasscom Emerge 50 Start up Category
Nasscom India, the authoritative conglomerate of all ICT companies in India had hosted its Product Conclave. They included Ideal Analytics as one of the premier innovative products. A special accolade is given to Ideal Analytics being a company of 3 years and making a market thunder. The remarkable world market presence of Ideal Analytics, the special position of Ideal Analytics within the Salesforce associates club, very impressive big technology leaders as OEM partners, stole the attention of Nasscom judges.
Version 3.4.1 Release
Ideal Analytics is incorrigible in her commitment & insistence in continuous upgrade of features. In this new release of version 3.4.1 the dashboard would have a new face. This is a great feature, the user does not need any more to revert to the explore stage and see the effect of drilling down.

Dashboard users now will be able to create a hierarchical group of dashboards for better organization of the dashboard items.

We know about comma separated data-files, there are locales in the universe where the general custom is different in cases of field separators and record terminators. Now Ideal Analytics has options- therefore users can upload any type of flat files into Ideal Analytics.

Now users can put in their labels in the Axes. Dashboard is now more user-friendly and configurable. On-ward bound with a firm step forward towards interactive dashboard!
Ideal Analytics Partners with Veeras Infotek Veeras Infotek, a business solution provider with ERP and EDW suites, is a company that operates out of Chennai, India and has made its impressive mark through bagging the most renowned companies in their partnership agreement. Veeras infotek was looking for analytical tool to cap their solutions. They found Ideal Analytics meeting all their requirements, they are very excited with the regular upgrading policy of Ideal Analytics and have agreed to suggest changes and upgrades as they would discover from the market.

Ideal Analytics is proud to be associated with Veeras and the duo would now ferret out the southern market along with the South East-Asian market. Veeras is very active in the US market as well.
Nishan Systems Private Limited – a Kolkata based IT solutions provider in crucial areas of EDW/EAP/BI is one of our vibrant and dynamic partner. Nishan System is active in Indian and South-East Asian markets and is making foray in the US and UK markets. Nishans’ quest for a complementary BI solution to work in tandem with their suits of solution in EDW/EAP/BI was fully met when they discovered Ideal-Analytics. With this combined offering, Nishan feels confident to fully meet the requirements of their customers in these areas.

As per Abhik Goswami – CEO Nishan - "Nishan is moving towards the area of One Stop Business Solution with GLOBAL OEM Products and Services after being in B-Spoke Development for nearly a decade and catering to customers spread over the globe. We were in quest of a Next Gen Analytic solution which can complete the cycle. A bubble burst took place and we seem to discover Ideal Analytics out of nowhere! The partnership with Ideal analytics was just waiting to happen.
Ideal Analytics Partners with Veeras Infotek
Nishan is looking towards marketing the product all over the Globe in future. I feel that this partnership will go a long way to shape the future of BI not only for Nishan and Ideal Analytics, but also from the standpoint of customers who will acquire BI solution after going through stages of struggles with heterogeneous and big data."

Nishan is confident to acquire large customers and key partners in these geographies.

Ideal Analytics is bemused with this relation and has pinned high hopes in the future market
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