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Cloud force in Paris 2013
Ideal-Analytics rolls on with newer versions at an accelerating pace
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Cloud force in Paris 2013
Paris is fast becoming the happening place for Analytics. Pretty close in heels to Big Data Paris, 23rd of May 2013 saw the event of Cloud Force I,e "Salesforce on Cloud". A mega Gala event as it was expected it attracted thousands. Ideal-Analytics was there! Well, not only because Ideal Analytics & ChoYou were Gold sponsors, but Ideal-Analytics did have the laurels of being represented by Axionko and by VO2 group. These two players known as the leader in their own capacity and in their arena were very eager to show off Ideal-Analytics as a part of their own suite. The company Ideal Analytics is appreciative of the support. We could show again that our success would be collinear with those of our partners and associates. It was a rich experience. The interests shown by the visitors and acquiring special relationships from companies marked our joining with renewed enthusiasm. Ideal-Analytics is now a name in considerations within the European clientele! Read More...
newer versions at an accelerating pace Ideal-Analytics rolls on with newer versions at an accelerating pace

The Design Desk did it again! More from the Users' viewpoint, the new version is friendlier and more flexible. The users can turn and toss the graphics. From the dashboard to the explorer the graphics can be sized, shaped to view all the dimensions, panned out, rotated and exported more flexibly.

It is whole new look-n-feel and can snuggle in more representations within the dashboard. With now hundred more graphics Ideal-Analytics is now a leader in the depiction and dashboarding. All are welcome to feel-n-touch. It is the latest version troi-de-troi I.e 3.3.3 . [ 3 for 3 times]. Read More...
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