Newsletter March 2013
IDEAL-ANALYTICS in the grand exposition of Axionko & Vo2 in France
Salesforce combines Ideal power for analysing users' data
IDEAL-ANALYTICS assists Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai in Analysis
INDIASOFT 2013, International IT Exhibition & Conference
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IDEAL-ANALYTICS  goes Super Secure
Axionko, VO2 and Cho You launches Ideal-Analytics in the Vo2 Headquarters at 29 rue Dussouds 75002, Paris, France. The agenda was
  • The new Release of Ideal-Analytics version 3.3
  • The Salesforce collaboration and
  • Installation of Ideal-Analytics in appexchange of Salesforce.
Salesforce combines Ideal power for analysing users'data

Ideal-Analytics has made its first March-in the Salesforce appexchange. Many applications are listed in Salesforce where Salesforce users can use those applications. The presence of Ideal-Analytics is remarkable and unique. Salesforce users can bring in their Salesforce data from their account for analysis within Ideal-Analytics through a single sign-on. They can also bring in data from other Salesforce accounts. They may even bring in data from external applications and do a combined analysis in data. With Ideal-Analytics as a composite solution Salesforce users now have their freedom extended to any data analysis.

In the analytics section of the Salesforce application and in the Analytics sub-group Ideal-Analytics features herself in big letters. It is a Salesforce-Ideal-Analytics solution now. This is what we call not snuggling up but Marching-in with boldness.

Ideal-Analytics assists Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai in Analysis

Lilavati is a quality hospital in Mumbai with the most up-to-date facilities in caring for Health and treatments. Their quest for the best of services has excited them to search for better and more optimized control and management. This is where Ideal-Analytics walked in. Lilavatis tech-savvy approach has gotten them very interesting and apt applications and tools, they still needed something more. They needed handy, individualized analysis help in giving on-the-fly decision capability on huge transaction data.

The foremost requirement was the capability of cross-comparison of various dataset in un-regulated formats across various applications and platforms. Ideal-Analytics, they found to suit the requirement best. They had threadbare examinations with many competing tools and settled for Ideal-Analytics. They are satisfied with the presentations, analysis and externalizations.

Read more for the specific points where Ideal's assistance helped add values:
From their feedback we summarize the achievements
  • Speciality/Surgery/Doctor wise revenue generation and their comparisons on monthly, quarterly & yearly basis.
  • In-Patient & Out- Patient counts and comparison of the revenue generated in each category on monthly/quarterly/yearly basis.
  • Analysing most running packages, revenue comparison and counts.
  • Floor wise/Bed category wise Occupancy rate.
  • Analysing average patient stay for related surgeries.
  • Organisms count in a series of tests specimens, and determining positive /negative results.
  • Analysing health trend of patients based on collective test results over a period of time.
  • Determining most running category of medicines.
  • Evaluating performances of the IT resources based on no. of tasks completed and average time spent for the solution.
  • Support enquiries type & count for each department monthly/yearly basis.
  • Analyse visits on per patient level to determine the exact target audience for marketing campaigns.
INDIASOFT 2013, International IT Exhibition & Conference

Ideal Analytics participated in IndiaSoft 2013 with full fervor. This was our second consecutive participation and our excitement was boosted by the fact that it was being held in our very own Kolkata, the city of Joy.

The two day event gave us an unmatched opportunity to engage with delegates from all over the world. The conglomeration constituted of approximately 120 business heads from across 20 countries. Along with the delegates there were around 50 exhibitors from all over India. This mix of Indian and foreign audience gave us the right opportunity to showcase our analytics product which was the only Business Intelligence tool at the exhibition. The two day event helped us in establishing some very relevant contacts from partnership front.

However, the highlight of the event was a magician's performance of the conjuring art displayed by our CTO, Sanjoy Chatterjee during the networking dinner on day one. It truly left the audience in awe, added to the entertainment quotient for the whole event and fetched Mr. Chatterjee some avid fans along with increasing the visitor count at our stall on day 2.

We look forward to establishing some long term partnerships with the connections made at the conference.

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