Newsletter October 2014 Volume-02 Issue-06
New release of Ideal Analytics [4.2.4] reassures the clients of continuous updating
Ideal Analytics features as Leading BI & analytics provider in CIO review
NASSCOM invites Ideal Analytics to showcase in NPC Bangalore
A niche help in healthcare initiatives
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New release of Ideal Analytics [4.2.4] reassures the clients of continuous updating
The newest release [Version 4.2.4] of Ideal Analytics is a genre-apart release that has made dashboard outputs interactive to the fullest extent. Users do not have to go and create new exploration with new formulae and representation- they can trigger that from the dashboard level!

The salience of this release is the combination of :
Pivoting : interchanging the dimensions of rows and columns and examining the facts thereof
Horizontal & vertical summary in the data-matrix comparing two dimensions one against another
Several other types of charts (beyond simple line and simple bar charts) is now available to be used together in analysis with multiple measures/facts
Advanced data-export configuration with more flexibility
Capability of overwriting view-bookmark with another analytical view
Provision for narrative text describing charts in dashboard
Copying in and out of charts, tables between public (corporate) & private(personal) dashboard
Exporting dashboards as image
Exporting (in Microsoft Excel format) the list of users under one account
Have a run through the new release with a free account and start playing…

Ideal Analytics features as Leading BI & analytics provider in CIO review
October 2014 issue of CIO review (page 31) – the leading most journal of business- ideal analytics has taken the flagship position. In every issue CIO review publishes a full page report on the leaders of Business in separate LoB[Lines of Businesses]- this time it was for Analytics as BI solutions, the page sets on the perspective of BI & Analytics as the accelerating LoB. The journal has taken the interview of Sanjoy Chatterjee [CIO-CTO] of the company who has posited special importance on the interaction of users and analysts through ad-hoc and fast alternating analysis of huge data toward giving predictive, prescriptive and informative suggestions to the users in their lines of businesses. Quite obviously the industry has taken cognizance of the presence of Ideal Analytics as an appropriate business solution, and earmarked the application as the solution of the near to decade long future!


NASSCOM takes Ideal Analytics to lead India
NASSCOM Products Conclave is going to be hosted in Bangalore on 29th & 31st of October, 2014. This is the most prestigious and premium most arena to showcase products and wares. NASSCOM has decided to showcase Ideal Analytics as one of the best products of India, that would show the innovative sheen of Indian products competing in the world market.

Ideal Analytics team is elated with this gesture of NASSCOM and NASSCOM thinks it a privilege and a prestige boosting from their side. We are humbled not through any defeat but through the immense uplifting of our esteem and our efforts. We now are a name cognized by all in the product market! Our commitment to even scale higher is more fortified and we will keep on the pace of further developments.


A niche help in healthcare initiatives
Beyond the ages of Centralized health care facilities the present world sees the resurgence of distributed health care initiatives at the doorstep. Medicos form a support group and provide curative and pro-active care to patients. But patients these days are moving. Thus these initiatives should have ready access to the entire medical history of patients [access the cloud to get the history]. History of ailments and meticulous recording of treatment and the outcomes need to be in one file per patient and that is to be consulted every time a patient walks in anywhere in the world. The medico initiatives therefore would access the raw data, download them and re-categorize them for their own analysis. These information need some kind of templatizing. With this initiative in vogue now, initiatives need analysis tools not only to measure the care statistics but also to find the best possible care that can be provided. Analytics can even create audit statistics and recurrence of ailments and figure out the pattern of recurrence of ailments. There are plenty possibilities of analysis in very specific patterns.

Clients and partners of Ideal Analytics have used the tool to fathom hidden details in this kind of initiatives both in India and US. Ask for specific case studies and try your analysis on the universal data [based on SSN or other universal id]. Lots of racial data and other aspects are also dug out. Call us for specialized one-on-one demonstrations.

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