ideal-analytics Newsletter May 2015
A new story, a new vistas! Ideal Analytics in its maturity of self-design
Ideal Analytics hits Nasscom 2015 at Cochin
Analytics and Social research
Investing individual through sentiments and associations
A new story, a new vistas! Ideal Analytics in its maturity of self-design
Ideal Analytics has published its 5.0.0 version, now complete with a Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Configurable and Designable dashboard studio – all elements of which can be combined-ly and separately shippable and externalized to a remote user without a sign-on.

Reports are not limited by what is explored and what is shown in the dashboard, Reports now have their own existence as per the on-line design by the user. A user can now combine dashboard elements, the entire dashboard and different dashboards in a single Report pane. A report is now an existence with Cover page, end page, headers, footers and elements in the same page or different pages.

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Report designing has taken Ideal-analytics to the new league competing with the professional reporting tools. Ideal Analytics is an analysis tool, but self-sufficient in developing its own professional reports.

The extra features in Analysis and exploration now finds ideal analytics firmly in the smooth track of being a predictive analytics tool with full features of what-if analysis.
Ideal Analytics hits Nasscom 2015 at Cochin
The city of Kochi or Cochin in the God’s own country that is Kerala will host Nasscom 2015 gala exposé. Ideal Analytics is a special invitee to exhibit IDEAL ANALYTICS – the product and meet the industry honchos for solutions and service exigencies. Already special requests on collaborations are pouring in and Ideal Analytics is excited. We cherish to meet interested businesses who wishes to tread in the Digital Transformation Revolution.
Browse for details of registration and invitations.
Analytics and Social research
The recurrence of earthquakes follows a pattern! However fantastic it sounds, it is a fact, as found by the analysis research by our team in Ideal Analytics. The day 26 is an ominous one as we found most earthquakes occurred on that day over decades actually. Analytics has figured many correlations with the date of recurrence, the intensity, the character of such quakes… though our research is still intensely studying the full gamut of inferences, yet the search and research is taking comprehensive steps thanks to tools like Ideal Analytics that can deal with data coming with absolutely differing formats and un-related sources. Contact Ideal Analytics and be a part of the on-going research fathoming out many such interesting correlations. We might see some predictive prognosis at the end of the tunnel! Analytics and Social research
Investing individual through sentiments and associations
Investing individual through sentiments and associations "One is known by the association one keeps" – that went the adage. Ideal Analytics has mathematically and data wise proven this fact. How do we know a person’s sentiments? Well, through what his friends, philosophers, guides, associates likes, what groups the person subscribes to in Linkedin, facebook, and other social media, who and what does one tweets, what kind of subject makes the person react? Who responds? What kind of debates he engages in? Can we create a category for every person? Can we bracket one person with others depending on some characteristic? The answer is a resounding YES. Ideal analytics has successfully created target groups, catered them to interested marketing campaigners. We did it because of our flexibility, our self-design, our fast sifting amongst alternatives and still using Big Data..
Ideal Analytics empowered by their application tool does provide solutions and assistances in market research in smarter and more deep researches.

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