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The new release 4.2.1
Lyon observes Salesforce Essentials event
Ideal Analytics Featured as 'Start-Up of the Month'
New Partner Encore: SkyBits Technologies
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Ideal Analytics The New Release 4.2.1
Ideal Analytics is available in iOS devices [Ipad & Iphone]. Ideal Analytics kept its promise of platform agnostic countenance. As the implementation in the Android platform had been there for long, with these additional once Ideal Analytics made the type of hand-held gadgets range complete

Entire dashboards are now exportable. Dashboards now are arranged in three layered architecture like Dashboard containing many dashboard groups, each such group contains many dashboard items. Some items may be minimized even and on demand they can take upon a visible size. This helps in comparing many dashboard alternatives in one screen shot and the size of the screen really does not matter because they can be resized as users see them.

These exportable dashboards may be sent to someone outside through emails who do not have any account in the system, and they can still do some twigging on their screens. An entire hierarchical output can be shown and then this can be exploded in stages to the lowest leaf level data. Dashboards are therefore exported to external users with different look-n-feel.

Filters in the dashboards can now be applied on values and parameters as well.

With this Ideal analytics is now on the top rung of fast version changes with advanced features in analysis and depiction.

Lyons observes Salesforce Essentials event
9th April, 2014 observed a gala and spacious event of Salesforce Essential in Lyon, France. Among all the Salesforce partners Ideal Analytics stole the show being the principal partner in Business Intelligence solutions suit that is used by Salesforce even for their analysis. The Ideal Analytics stall attracted a big chunk of the savvy and interested clientele especially being attracted by the capability of leveraging Sales force account and files with extraneous files from totally disconnected applications, only through the single sign-on of Salesforce account. The presence also hit the Local news media [print and video].

Ideal Analytics is recognised by Ivy Professional School as Featured Start-Up of the Month
Ideal Analytics is recognised by Ivy Professional School as 'Featured Start-Up of the Month'. On their official blog, Ms. Sangeeta Deogawanka identifies Ideal Analytics as a promising and fast-growing start-up that inspires with its innovative analytics solutions in the cloud...more >>

IdealAnalytics SkyBits
SkyBits Technologies aligns with Ideal Analytics. They are going to enhance our capability in our venture into the predictive analytics world.

SkyBits Technologies is a technology solution company specializing in providing its customers data driven solutions and insights. The company creates solution frameworks and provides services based on these solutions using Cloud or on premise infrastructure. SkyBits marketing solutions framework includes automatic consumer Sentiment Analysis and Aspect Mining regarding products and services of its customers. SkyBits Targeted Marketing solution framework helps customers make focused marketing based on past consumer behaviours. The company is also in Healthcare and Education domains, creating solutions for respective professionals to take better informed decisions based on insights from historical data.
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