From the desks of development of Application product of Ideal Analytics, out came the idea of leveraging the expertise in various Lines of Business. Ideal Healthcare is one such solution offering by Ideal Analytics that came forth and Business Analysis imbibed the wisdom of Data Analysis and Business Process renovation.

Analysis of data from
  • individual test results and treatment results for patients leading to a comprehensive and objective outcome of diagnosis
  • Aggregation of results for patients categorized by
    • Ailments
    • Demographic divisions
    • Seasonal variances
    • Pre-history vectors
    • Regional variances
  • Aggregation by choosing groups to make treatments streamline [population health care set]
  • Community treatment
  • Finding gaps in occurrence and treatment in target areas
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Retail industry – from distribute to centrally framed and managed is the most complex system in the world, in terms of mathematical rigour, a rigour that is so expanse to take care of every human activity including the sensitivity and sentimentality of the consumer. Consumer buying commodities and expressing the language of choice is a wholesome behavioural approach- modelling that in discrete analysis had always been a challenge and is now the most advanced study.

The approach would be a combination of both abstract mathematical models on one pole and the raw data in real life on the other pole. The entire spectrum that lies in between is a matter of huge study- Big Data in real practice generating data instantaneously in huge quantity, in variety, in velocity, in the challenge of veritable and vetting.

The knowledge that we amassed through practical solution providing in various denominations of retail industry has led us to innovate the multi-faceted retail practice, much more intense than a core model.

Run along with us and let us share each other’s wisdom, call us and let us grow with you.

Romantic as it may sound and too aggressive as it might show, Ideation technology and Ideal Analytics is now one of the lead practice associates of World Bank group especially in various interests in transportation project – like passenger carrying, freight rationalization, multi- and synchro-modal logistics, pollution mitigation, road safety measures and smart city implementation.

Solutions provided by Ideal Analytics and Ideation is now showcased and projected in many developing countries where transportation is designed to be the principal engine of smart city development.

From the city of origin [Kolkata] to many cities in India, Africa, Europe, Korea and South Asia, Ideation’s epic journey in the transportation industry has already earmarked us as the exemplar in world transportation. Sanjoy Chatterjee – our CEO is visiting Washington, D.C in showcasing the solutions –social and national in the upcoming World Transport Meet hosted by World Bank Group.

IndiaSoft – the leading exposition was held in Hyderabad International Convention centre on 13th and 14th February, 2017. The B2B event brought in who’s who of the software world [who are specifically interested to deal in India]. Ideal Analytics stole the show and we could strike up multiple strategic partnership agreements with innovative companies from fast developing countries.

IntegraIT of Bogota, Colombia is the leading business agency in health care software product development and clinical data analysis. We now are their domain and technical strategic partner in spreading their reach in entire LatAm and deepen their expertise in technology and business solution providing.

Atom AP – a Bangladeshi multi-national company that is very deep in Japan has now tied up with Ideation and Ideal Analytics in solution business in IOT for the consumer durables domain. We also entered into a partnership with Media Soft, the largest retail software and solutions provider in Bangladesh. We will be helping their customer base with retail analytics solutions.

One of the important outcomes of this event is our partnership with Towers International Group of Companies in Oman. We entered into a strategic partnership for furthering our business prospects in Oman and rest of the Middle East.

It was a successful event for us and we are there on the winning track in every meet like this one was.

Eyezeon Technologies Ltd is a UK based company in which Ideation TS is a major shareholder. In September 2016 Eyezeon was awarded the contract by Avon Fire Rescue Service (Bristol, UK) to provide them with Eyezeon’s Commander 2.0 new multi-platform incident command system to replace Avon’s old legacy Vector Command IC application.

The three-year supply contract with Avon FRS included some custom development work that is still on-going though the first version of Commander 2.0 has recently been installed on the Avon FRS network and is scheduled to enter live operations for the Fire Rescue Service from March 2017... more >>
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