Newsletter March 2014 Volume-02 Issue-03
The new release 4.1
Ideal Analytics participated in Healthcare & Pharma Expansion Summit 2014
Ideal Analytics was invited in Brand Owners' Summit, 2014
New Partner encore: Dhyey Consulting & First Cloud (SaaS) Services
Partner in Focus : Axionko
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Ideal Analytics The New Release 4.1
An amazing speed, an envious commitment and granite trustworthiness! Ideal Analytics has again brought forth the next version 4.1. The entire dashboard [with groups containing items – a 3 layered architecture] can now be externalized [copied, embedded in external applications, sent through emails and shared] complete with filters and maintaining the currency of the data.

Tables now can be exported along with the charts – the dashboard with numbers and graphs can now be shared with others.

As a trump card, for the first time the OLAP structure can now be shown if the data does have hierarchies. Ideal Analytics has evolved OLAP structure representation without any OLAP modelling of the database. This is a feat that challenges every competition and redefines BI- Structuring OLAP from a non-OLAP data model!

While you enjoy a depiction and presentation – the best in the industry, you would love to expect the next release even sooner where the ETL will be free and much more versatile with auto-scheduling and with incremental loading where however big the database is, would not require longer time, only the incremental data could be loaded and the representation would be on the aggregate.

Ideal Analytics know running and it runs the talk, as it has talked the run!
Ideal Analytics – marks the leadership role in Health Care analytics through Health Care analytics through HealthCare & Pharma Summit
The 2nd Edition Healthcare & Pharma Expansion Summit 2014, held at JW Marriot Mumbai presented leading global case studies from top Healthcare & Pharma Sector & Service providers across India. The summit was packed full of issues & challenges faced as well the opportunities that lie within for the year 2014.

Ideal Analytics marked its presence at the summit as a healthcare IT provider and we were very well received at the event. Almost all the CXO's, from the hospital and pharma domain, present there appreciated the importance of analysis and expressed their interest in learning more about the product and other customer case studies from healthcare domain. Some of our customers were also there to share their experiences with the audience.
Ideal Analytics was invited in Brand Owners' Summit, 2014
Ideal Analytics was invited in Brand Owners' Summit, 2014
Ideal Analytics was invited in Brand Owners' Summit, 2014, held in Bengal Chamber of Commerce on March 22nd, 2014. Mr. Sanjoy Chatterjee, Director of Ideal Analytics was the Speaker who described in his speech how the organisation is establishing a brand in spite of lot of challenges, in both Indian as well as the Market abroad in such a small period of 3 years.
Dhyey Consulting Ideal Analytics logo First Cloud SaaS Services
It is a new partner again and this time from the SME business districts of Western India. Dhyey consulting is a known name in end-to-end ERP implementation and has expertise in providing role tailored business management solutions to Industries. They now feel pride in partnering with Ideal Analytics Business Intelligence tool for the very needed Business Intelligence cartridge with their solutions to the customers. ERP cupped on by BI and analytics is the best practice combination- is once again corroborated by Dhyey consulting. First Cloud (SaaS) Services aligns with Ideal Analytics. First Cloud (SaaS) Services is the one stop shop of Cloud based products and services for the Customers. The company aims at helping customers to grow and scale faster in the secured IT environment by reducing their IT operational cost and thus improving Productivity and Efficiency to deliver high value to the customers.
Axionko of France is the European expert of Business development process of any company and to being the stand-by support on the execution process through in-depth consulting in strategy down to implementation. Axionko has about 15 years of experience in implementations and that spreads around Europe and even beyond. Axionko has searched around and found Ideal Analytics as the best companion to offer to their clients. Ideal Analytics Partners with Axionko
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