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Ideal Analytics goes Vertical & Horizontal
Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Manufacturing, Governance, Transportation & Logistics, Small & Medium Businesses
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Ideal Analytics sends out specific analysis on Business Functions
Verticals Horizontals  
Verticals functions are important. No less than the lines of Businesses. Every business has some core vertical functions like Sales/Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Core Production, Information Technology etc. In the present age every function is as significant and cardinal to the development of the company, every other function depends on each other for their own development.

Ideal Analytics has gathered data from customers, partners and associates and has created separate case studies as suggestive analysis exemplifying how a normal business analyst can use the tool to her fullest benefit and to the fullest potential of analysis as a service.

Please download the Human Resources and Sales process management case studies from the following link:

Horizontal functions generic for business environment:

'Sales' has many sub-processes. Sales process is one of them. Billing is another. Sales organization and revenue capturing may be the third. Ideal Analytics has shown the sales of a large Telecom billing company who bills for various telecom services.

Retail sales is a different genre altogether. The case study is from a big retail chain that has many shops in different cities and many products. A suggestive case study would trigger many ideas in the Analysts' mind and we would be very excited to exchange notes.

Please peruse through the specific case studies of 'Retail sales management', 'Share value case study' under the same link.


Case Studies

Analysis in the Health-Care has become very complex. Revenue per user, cost per doctor, Consumables and variable expenditure per treatment or per surgical operation or per ailment, are generally the known facts that health-care business analysts have been keeping themselves busy with. Yet from KPI point of view a whole lot of very minute KPIs are now gaining importance in the overall KRA calculations. Customer care- their wait time, average time to serve them and capturing their satisfaction based on each such parameters, is now very popularly used. A general introduction in the form of white paper can be browsed. What follows would be a detailed case study with data and KPI mapping. Read more...
Retail is now a fully fledged industry with its own rules, laws and regulatory specifications. From consumables up even to software and intellectual property rights everything now is sold in off-the-shelve, out-of-box packages- they follow the same consumer distribution mores and rules. Understanding consumer behaviour can only be inferred through analysing and crunching numbers. Our experiences in solving analysis problems in retail industry are in record. For a start, please browse through the preliminary white paper dealing specifically in Market basket analysis. Read more...
Banking has moved way beyond from the constricted retail individual banking to any kind of money management. A cross functional banking application and analysis there-from is now attracting more attention of the bankers. Read more...
Manufacturing always has been baffling and bemusing analysts- this is due to the sheer numeric fact of every production element in any sub-process within Manufacturing. Manufacturing data is highly changing, and that makes the data representation and data rendition in dashboards something always changing. Special processes, sub-processes and work-flow are to be analysed through cross data-set analysis. Let us first go through a preliminary white paper as a general back-drop for coming case studies. Read more...
Governance is dealing with numbers captured. From estimation to performance evaluation governance concerns with the success co-efficient in every project! Get an introduction in a white paper. Read more...
Logistics, Transportation, Supply Chain, distribution, inventory upkeep are parametric systems that manage fast positioning and placing of products to the end-customers. It is an interesting and complex mathematical method that is translated into work-flows. Please comment on a white paper as an introduction. Read more...
Small & medium business- The most eye-catching and burgeoning sector in industry in any nation-economy is this sector. In any nation this sector is contributing in accelerating rate in their GDP. We wish to go further and deeper progressively from this starting point. Read more...
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